Death is Final




‘Death is Final’ is a moving image and photographic art installation that will explore the life and death of filmmaker Tatiana Kilpatrick's great-grandmother called Maggie Crossan. With a multi-modal approach, Tatiana will aim to reinterpret and remember the legacy Maggie has left behind and investigate her unique character story.

Born in the late 1920s, Maggie has seen the change of women earning their rights, working through the Second World War and seen first hand the conflict and troubles of Ireland over the past century. She was a mother to 14 children and a pinacle part of the local community where her bold character stood out. The concept first arouse after trying to find a means of coming to terms with her death, as a way to grieve a loss but also to remember the life she lived.

As a filmmaker and photographer, my body of work is mainly documentary, exploring personal perspectives through autobiographical work, found imagery, original photography, moving image, home video and installation.

the team

Tatiana Kilpatrick - Director / Cinematographer / Producer